Naomi Shibata

2018            Coordinator for Exhibition: Shizuko Yoshikawa – Where is my Island, Tokyo

2017–2018  Coordinator/Editor for Obayashi Foundation Research Program Exhibition: AIDA Makoto “GROUND NO PLAN, Tokyo

2017            Editor for nl/minato Archive Book, Tokyo

2017            Coordinator for Windowology 10th Anniversary Exhibition: The World Through the Window, Tokyo

2017            Coordinator for SAPPORO INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL, Sapporo

2017            PR for The Singapore Dialogue Urban Solutions Strategies for the 21st Century Sustainable City, Tokyo

2016–2017  Coordinator for Premium Japan Art Project’s young architects interview series

2015–2017  Assistant for The Japanese House. Architecture & Life after 1945 in Rome, London, Tokyo

2016–2017  Editor for MONO JAPAN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2016            Coordinator for Shibaura House on Erik Kessels Lecture & Workshop in Tokyo

2016            Coordinator for Shibaura House on Media Fantasy Worlds vol.2: De Correspondent in Tokyo

2016            PR for TRUNK on AISIN Imagine New Days in Milan

2015            Competition for Japanese Pavilion at The Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

2015–          Editor for Ginza Maison Hermès Le Forum in Tokyo

2015            Residency Program at Cité internationale des arts in Paris (July–September)

2015            PR for TRUNK on AISIN Imagine New Days in Milan

2014–2017  Coordinator for Mikhail Karikis’s research and production in Japan

2014–2016  Assistant coordinator for Architecture since 3.11 in Kanazawa, Japan

2014            Producer for Mikhail Karikis: Work Quartet screening and performance in Tokyo

2012–2013  Assistant curator for Taro Igarashi on Aichi Triennale

2012            Assistant curator for junya ishigami + associates on Audi Urban Future Award 2012

2012            PR for TRUNK on CANON NEOREAL IN THE FOREST in Milan

2012            Editor for Traveling exhibition “How Did Architects Respond Immediately after 3/11 ?

2011            Executive Producer and Curator for “architecture as a piece of nature in Milan

2011            PR for TRUNK on CANON NEOREAL WONDER in Milan

2011, 2012  Coordinator for Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

2010–2015  PR for Sendai School of Design

2010            Coordinator for Thonik on LLOVE

2010            Editor for SHINKENCHIKU 2010:10 Special Issue “NISSAN GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS

2010            Coordinator for DasArts, Amsterdam

2009–          Coordinator for Thonik exhibition at Spiral in Japan

2009            Art director/Editor for a+u December 2009  Feature 2: Perceptual Space (pp. 141-254)

2009–          Adviser for Dutch design book (architecture, graphic design)

2009            Writer for Design no Genba (designer’s workshop) December 2009

2008–          Editor for website Alchemy

2008            Contributor for Kenchiku note No. 4/No. 5, Interior note No.1

2008            Designer for Bernotat & Co on the format of their portfolio

2008            Designer for website of Gestaltung & Innovation, Folkwang Hochschule

2007–          Freelance

2006–2007  Grapgic designer, Thonik, Amsterdam, the Netherlands                                                                              ‘Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists

1999–2006 Editor/Designer,  A&U Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

  • Issue in charge (plan, edit, design, and finish): H&deM 2002–2006 (a+u August Special Issue, 2006), CCTV by OMA (a+u July Special Issue, 2005), MVRDV FILES Projects 002–209 (a+u November Special Issue, 2002)
  • Issue in charge (plan, edit): Feature: Chile – Deep South (a+u July Issue, 2006), Feature: Italian Metamorph (a+u September Issue, 2005), Feature: Austria East (a+u October  Issue, 2004), Feature: Young Architects in the Netherlands (a+u April Issue, 2004), Feature: OMA / Experience (a+u November Issue, 2003), Feature: Tadao Ando / Inside Outside (a+u March Issue, 2002)

1995–1999 Bachelor of Architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan                                                   (Thesis: House for Della and Jim of The Gift of Magi by O. Henry)


1995–1    99

Teaching Experience

2014 Guest critic at Aichi Shukutoku University, Nagoya, Japan

2013 Guest critic at Graduate Exhibition of Dept.of Spatial Design and Information Systems Miyagi University, Sendai, Miyagi

2011 Lecturer at SSD extension opening lecture, Shin-minato Mura, Yokohama, Japan

2010 Visiting Lecturer at Dept. of architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2006 Visiting Lecturer at Dept. of architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Visiting Lecturer at Dept. of architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan